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Bluh, stuff.
EDIT: List has been updated due to a miscommunication; 171 Fakemon! I WILL NOT BE ACCEPTING ANYMORE LATE SUBMISSIONS FOR THIS COLLAB.

Last Monday was the last day to turn in entries. I've barely even been able to touch my computer before now, so I'm super sorry for everyone who was waiting for the announcement. At it is, it should be sometime in the coming month that the finished project is posted.

I would like to say though, I noticed a lot of people had their numbers in the entry titles themselves. Unfortunately that probably won't be the number in the "Pokedex". I will have to compress the list so that there aren't any gaps between entries. If you'd like to check to see what your numbers are you can look at the list of all entries below.

In total, we have a pretty well fleshed out number of 171! Round of applause for everyone who made an entry!! Thank you so much! The way the list is set up, it is the creator's username next to the basic stage of the fakemon (line) they made followed by the next stages until the next username is shown. The numbers in the corresponding spots are the numbers for the pokedex! !!!IF I AM MISSING YOUR USERNAME AND FAKEMON PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP!!! I have gone through the "Fakemon Collab" Favorites folder and the people who had submitted their entries through notes three times now. So if I have missed anyone I need you to come forward, your fakemon deserve to be seen!!

  1. nicaranime Quaiby
  2. Coturail
  3. Harphonyx
  4. xIce-Wolf Ashphid
  5. Phidiflare
  6. Araphlame
  7. Kuroleopard Aguaguna
  8. Komocean
  9. Abyssail
  10. altimis Arachnium
  11. Harvocely Nilumbo
  12. Naiocid
  13. Reveredsilence Sedivolt
  14. Skyewars Bambeetle
  15. Pupunch
  16. Lucandible(♀) and Lucandible(♂)
  17. missMiku-chanX Borealle
  18. SofiaKishatu13 Spix
  19. dia-phantom Bunver
  20. Psybunny
  21. Celestial-moon-fire Cephinder
  22. kage-niji Malibre
  23. Ffaunax Lookinlad
  24. Mantisir
  25. mapsal313 Antarva
  26. Belgigadge
  27. Vasilisgx38 Brutdrago
  28. gjava-vont Logust
  29. Lawless-Lands Banthasm
  30. Revedage
  31. Heinjash
  32. Velink Papinus
  33. CCDragon-93 Glaumusca
  34. Glauticus
  35. AzzyFoxRepetram
  36. Yian-garuga-anonyme: Veneroc
  37. Basalsenic
  38. TheWarriorArtist Larfaer
  39. Oothae
  40. Ichiudon Lonini
  41. Anenimi
  42. Afrendomi
  43. Ryuu-Atrineas Wyrmado
  44. Wyverricane and Mega Wyverricane
  45. neffoneR Droliath
  46. FichuZ Urovil
  47. Mmatt0904 Tourgon
  48. Ankaa-C Elkeuron
  49. JorwayBlacknight Frostline
  50. ProfessorVermo Calow
  51. Consumo
  52. Bubble-Goom Salwince
  53. Diable
  54. Nyapapa Clubull
  55. Threshull
  56. Epifex Vaporawn
  57. Adamantis
  58. TruffleButter Clayble
  59. Terragoyle
  60. Territan and Mega Territan
  61. Skyewars Luslither
  62. Devigon
  63. Drageddon
  64. Phandenstein Erutin
  65. Erudda
  66. Devourer-of-Gods Spiridobe
  67. Appalisk
  68. Siseja-sama Darecicle
  69. Scarecicle
  70. LeafiaDream Snoal
  71. Sneigh(♂) and Sneigh(♀)
  72. Okonominazi Wispell
  73. Maget
  74. Laurosaurus Glistrom
  75. Soleldor
  76. Jiolyemaster Troupic
  77. Toupican
  78. FichuZ Heliade
  79. Cruliot
  80. zouzousceptile Intshubu
  81. sans-B Talion
  82. ambicolor Blazier
  83. Coire
  84. Reveredsilence Frostter
  85. Wattost
  86. Ottystl
  87. blackwing2 Peepaboo
  88. Poltergrim and Mega Poltergrim
  89. Bansheem and Mega Bansheem
  90. Kingkoopa121 Anomaslice
  91. Paranolarge
  92. Siseja-sama Chait
  93. Chatora
  94. Gladiatora
  95. VazlaKat Komora
  96. osarumon Grodusk
  97. blackwing2 Myopio
  98. WolfStarmie Clickamo
  99. Phandenstein Dragoul (Fallen Form) - Dragoul (Arisen Form)
  100. YukiraNine Shibamu
  101. Arctofuda
  102. Skyewars Dragem
  103. blackwing2 Welplong
  104. Dirmugi and Mega Dirmugi
  105. sayarules Spriting
  106. Malady
  107. Mistery
  108. MyestroUnsung Palaloy
  109. Garrezelle
  110. Oreryx
  111. RavenWolfie97 Pandagoda
  112. Samursa
  113. Yinyanda
  114. mapsal313 Pyrpagore
  115. Flogacryon
  116. DMKryl Veilrock
  117. Umarite
  118. Glazarite
  119. Meta-Akira Ayemur
  120. Psymur
  121. Bellisaurus Sandermandor
  122. Krisantyne Voltivi
  123. Jolteaver
  124. Kingkoopa121 Cactile
  125. Veloctus
  126. Twispisaur and Mega Twispisaur
  127. IgnusTheTrickster Gramgram
  128. Kilonite
  129. Graniton
  130. MysticDayze Drekkle
  131. Aridrek
  132. Drylaries
  133. YoshiofRedemption Roycen
  134. Siseja-sama Aiel
  135. Kabernette
  136. Daiquila and Mega Daiquila
  137. RomeoMonty Tenrid,
  138. Kirecai (Blitz Forme)
  139. Harvocely Asphice
  140. Duraglate
  141. wildCorvus Teraco
  142. WizardandGalaxy Rammount
  143. Moonlightelf Elecsaph
  144. Elecazur
  145. Shadyserpent269 Clerma
  146. Jucasma
  147. MoonliteDelight Fliego
  148. Fliegana
  149. JuniperExtasy Cyclobud
  150. Dirracane 
  151. Noctumou
  152. Meta-Akira Chaengly
  153. Faeyn
  154. blackwing2 Crumbling
  155. Asnacknid
  156. Gateauliath and Mega Gateauliath
  157. AoiSora19S Kawaiva
  158. Napupa
  159. Kusaurus
  160. VrikrarVictorious Tarrot
  161. RandomUncertainty Loris
  162. sailorshadey (Name)
  163. Wolfreeze
  164. AnimeFan4Eternity23 Fluzzel
  165. Pomalis
  166. Megaloth
  167. The-Walking-Dude Bidra
  168. Osidra
  169. mapsal313 Freyallis
  170. MyestroUnsung Fairesper
  171. Reveredsilence Kingarge

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