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January 5, 2013
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Pokemon-Coordinator: Zhai OUTDATED by xIce-Wolf Pokemon-Coordinator: Zhai OUTDATED by xIce-Wolf
My new app for Pokemon-Coordinators. :iconblank-plz::iconblank-plz: :iconpokemon-coordinators:
I completely changed both characters and Pokemon, however Allen's presence is still slouching around~! (Just read the history)
Also, I know his history is a little... cliche(?), but I like it. o 3o

Please give me your thoughts and opinions. And please, if you see any mistakes (especially in the description), I beg you, do tell.


N a m e : Zhai

A g e : 24

H e i g h t : 5'6"

H o m e t o w n : Lavaridge Town

P e r s o n a l i t y : Zhai is a very soft spoken person, he has a great sense of respect for everything. His life has made him extremely humble, there really isn't much he can't tolerate. However, on stage, Zhai becomes a huge personality. Loud and boisterous, his obnoxiousness has caused some hurt feelings, however he never means anything of it, it's all for the crowd, as he says.

L i k e s :
:bulletgreen:Quiet personal time, however it doesn't bother him at all to have a pleasant conversation.
:bulletgreen:Carving masks, his most favorite hobby
:bulletgreen:Sitting on the beach and listening to the waves. Especially at night.
:bulletgreen:Spicy food!
:bulletgreen:Visiting Fallarbor Town.
(more to be added for sure)

D i s l i k e s :
:bulletred:Bitter tastes.
:bulletred:Losing track of time, he constantly has to know what time it is.
:bulletred:Talking about his father, it gets pretty uncomfortable.
(more to be added)

H i s t o r y : As a baby, Zahi grew up in a suburb of Lavaridge, his parents, merchants and peacekeepers among travelers and the Pokemon of the Jagged Pass (and at times Fiery Path), raised him into a respectable young man at the age of 9 before his mother began showing signs of schizophrenia.

Three years of the untreated disease destroyed her mental stability, causing both a terrible rift between he and his father and stressful living for a child of only 12. Zhai wanted to take his mother and go to a mental institution he had heard about by some travelers from Fallarbor Town, however his father wouldn't allow it. He believed that if things remained the same, she would be just fine. For the following years, Zhai trained his mother's Pokemon; Drapion, Dodrio, Numel and Cacnea for dealing with her disorder. Helping to ease her in fits of voices, delusions and over all insanity. However, enough was enough, Zhai took his mother and a few of her pokemon, leaving the rest to help his father with maintaining the business and a note to tell him where they went.

They made their way to Fallarbor, and eventually the institution where Zhai found out that, even though she could be put in, he would have to find a stable means of income to keep her in.

Over the next couple of years -- with not even a single word from his father -- Zhai (18) held many jobs, ranging from being a janitor to a shop owner. The Pokemon he brought with him -- Drapion and Numel -- did what they could to assist the teenager, however there wasn't much that could be done in the way of a Pokemon making money. The best time for money was when there was a Pokemon Contest in town. Zhai would open up shop in the Contest hall courtyard and make wonderful little masks out of anything he could find; clay, stone, wood, even metal at times. It was one of these fateful times that Zhai made a mask for a Coordinator by the name of Allen. He crafted the young man a wonderful little eye mask coated with gold and decorated with Pelipper feathers. The coordinator loved the eye mask so much he somehow managed to get Zhai front row tickets near the Judges panel.

This started Zhai's obsession with Pokemon Contests. At first, it was only making little glittering smiley faces out of Drapion's 'Poison Sting', or making Numel's Ember dance around. Over many months of playing round and finding new strategies, he had finally come up with a pleasant routine with the both of his Pokemon. He obtained a contest pass thanks to his many odd jobs for the Contest hall and the very next time a small contest rolled into town, he competed. The appeal round went well, however, once the battle round came around, Drapion was hit with a Confuse Ray, their points quickly dropped to zero and they lost. All for nothing.

For a few weeks, Zhai moped about the terrible loss, barely making any income to pay for his mother's institution bill. However he would visit his mother much more often, he would talk to her, which seemed to calm both of them; her out of fits of voices, and he out of depression. One visit, reruns of the contest began playing during visiting hours. Zhai's mother seemed transfixed on it every time his face appeared. After the horrifying defeat, she turned and looked at him and whispered, "My baby shouldn't give up."

So after finding out what kind of money could a coordinator could actually make, it was decided. The pay would be enough to keep his mother healthy and the bills paid up. He knew he'd be traveling quite often: too often to see his mother as much as he'd like. However, it would be the best job ever. For the first few months of traveling from contest to contest, he would also set up his mask shop for a little extra on the side. However he never really won any of the contests, many a time it would be him being too late to the stage running to change into his costume, which was admittedly awkward and somewhat confusing to get on. So he dropped his business, but not before making one last mask, a white half mask with holo-foil cut into a shape over the eye.

The passing years, to his current age (24) were filled with having fun and excitement, filling out his dream of becoming a coordinator, he made many friends in the profession, as well as enemies. The feeling of loss, as the Drapion passed of old age, and again when Numel was taken to his mother to help care for her. And the wonderful feeling of having made new partners to work toward his goal.
To this day his mother's words echo through his mind before any round.
"My baby shouldn't give up."

P o k e m o n :

Name: Jubilee
Gender: Female
Nature: Bold; Strong willed
Personality: Jubilee is always a strong willed Pokemon, even from the time she was a Smoochum, he's always been iron willed. She does, however, mind Zhai whenever he's serious.
Zhai's main Pokemon, if all else goes wrong, he always resorts to having Jubilee help him.

Name: Umojit
Gender: No Gender (Female)
Nature: Gentle; Quick to flee
Personality: Umojit is a very shy little bug, after evolving from a Nincada, she lost her gender yet still has the mentality of a shy little girl. Zhi believes that she's very timid because when she evolved, her trainer left her behind.

Name: Dune
Gender: Male
Nature: Hasty; Quick tempered
Personality: Dune is quite the battler, however there are many times when he's a little too hot headed and won't listen to Zhai. Though, he's been getting better and minding the Coordinator.

Name: Lambert
Gender: Male
Nature: Brave; Proud of his power
Personality: Lambert is the second ball of personality, his constantly mixed feelings cause some confusion among that party at times, but it's all in good fun.

Name: Suma
Gender: No Gender
Nature: Calm; Often dozes off
Personality: Zhai adores Suma, he believes that Suma is probably the most laid back Pokemon he's ever known. It just goes along with anything; dangerous, boring, whatever!

Name: Marlon
Gender: Male
Nature: Sassy; Loves to eat
Personality: Marlon absolutely adores food. Zhai believes the main reason Marlon sticks to the team is because of the delicious food he makes. He doesn't complain too much about exercise, but will begin to if they've been flying for too long.

A d d i t i o n a l - I n f o :
:bulletwhite:Zhai retains his habit of making masks, only he does it for fun and the children of the towns and cities he visits. He will gladly make a mask for anyone who asked normally only at the cost of a conversation while he works.
:bulletwhite:Zhai's Poffin Recipe is:
-1/2 Tomoto Berry
-2 whole Cerri Berries
-1 pealed Nomel Berry
-1/4 of a Kasib Berry
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WhiteGerberuu Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
Now that's some hair volume he's got going on :U

and of course the Pokemon are drawn awesomely, as usual~
xIce-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, all of the volume. I swear he doesn't use hairspray and extensions, maybe

Heee, thank you Rev~!!
Paperback-Walls Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Very cool! ^^ Welcome!
xIce-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hehe! Thanks! I was in before, I just changed my character. o 3o Unless you were saying 'Welcome' to the character, in which case:

Zhai: :Well hello!:
Paperback-Walls Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Haha, yes, I was saying hello to Zhai! CX
(and I totally think Renee has a new crush XD)

Renee: H-Hallo! ^^
xIce-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
(Ahh! You're the person with the adorable Yamask in their app!!)

Zhai: "Well hello! To whom do I owe the pleasure?" He extends his hand.
Paperback-Walls Featured By Owner Jan 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
(:D I've been discovered!! Lol.)

Renee: She's blushing a bit. "R-Renee, Renee LeBeau." She takes his hand timidly.
xXEternal-twilightXx Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013
His historyyyyyy! It makes me feels so hard :iconlazyweepplz:~:heart:
xIce-Wolf Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Heee!! I'm glad you like it! It took me pretty much forever to make.
4everEvergreen Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Jubilee and Dune look awesome o3o
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